Thomas is a cheeky little engine that lives on the Island of Sodor he has 6 small wheels a short stumpy Funnel, a short stumpy boiler, and a short stumpy dome.

Thomas first was a cheeky little engine who would play and tricks on the other engines. He especially loved playing tricks with Gordon the big blue engine until Gordon taught him a lesson. Then one day Henry felt ill & could not take the express so Thomas filled in for Henry but the conductor forgot to attach Thomas to the coaches and Thomas left the coaches behind. After that Thomas was bored of shunting coaches and Edward agreed to switch jobs with Thomas. But the Troublesome Trucks were up to no good and pushed him down Gordon's hill and Sir Topham Hatt was not pleased and sent Thomas to Welllsworth to learn about trucks. When Thomas was at Wellsworth his driver taught him about the Breakdown train and that if an engine gets in trouble the Breakdown train picks them up and puts them back on the rails. One day when Thomas was pooping at Wellsworth some Troublesome Trucks were pushing James and James could not stop so Thomas got the Breakdown Train and headed off to rescue James. Thomas first cleared the Troublesome Trucks and taught them a lesson and then he rescued James. The Breakdown Train put him back on the rails and Thomas took James home. After James and Thomas went home Sir Topham Hatt gave Thomas his own branchline and now Thomas enjoys his branchline. After that Thomas had some wonderful adventure like racing Bertie the bus and learning about how Terence the tractor and much more!


Thomas 1999

Battery Operated Thomas 1999